Hello from Iowa!

Well, I made it. I am officially an Iowan again. At first it was really weird but I've started to get settled in. My first week at work was great. Everyone I work with is really nice and the atmosphere is laid back. There is that inevitable first week awkwardness of not knowing what to do with yourself, but I'm getting the hang of it. I work in a cubicle (which is a change for me) and there are three other cubes attached to me. Right now my cube feels really empty so I've been shopping a lot on etsy looking for cute things to fill it up! :) I just bought this adorable bin from sewingmomma. I don't know what I'm going to keep in it yet but it looks cute!

Now for my house. We are still in transition from Jenise moving out and my things coming in. So it's a little bare still but here are a few pics.

This is the kitchen. See the little green recycling bin in the doorway - that's right, DM has curbside recycling! I'm weirdly excited about that. You don't even have to sort it, just dump it in your bin and they take it away! :)
Here's my room. It's still a work in progress. Mom and I painted it last weekend (it used to be red) and I love it. I've decided that gray and white might be my favorite color palate. I am on the hunt for a comfy reading chair and a rug. If you find one anywhere let me know!
Mom and I struck gold at an antique store in Valley Junction while searching for a headboard. This old porch railing is currently being painted white (it looks white here but is actually ivory) and will soon be hanging over my bed. It was only $20! Score!
This house has SO much storage. They are closest and cabinets everywhere. This one might be my favorite though with the glass panels. It's outside our bathroom so we store towels and such in there. Now that I'm looking at this pic it needs to be arranged a little cuter. Next project.
When I was unpacking I found this card that Angela Kinsey from The Office sent me on my bday a few years ago (via my amazing friend Jennafer). It says "Don't Flip Out". I put it next to my bed - I've needed the reminder a few times already. :)
And of course, my craft room. We have a HUGE basement. Right now there is a LOT of stuff down there that needs to be thrown out, sent to garage sale, etc. Today I cleaned up one of the rooms and set up all my craft stuff. Yay! I still need to find a place to set up my sewing machine...maybe that will be next weekends project. And yes, that is a fireplace in there.
Well there you have it! There still feels like a lot of work to do but I'm getting there. If anyone wants to come visit me you're more than welcome! :)


emily said...

Your space looks awesome! I can't wait to see what you end up doing with all your great finds!

Jill the Thrill said...

You should probably take a picture of your new roommates as well. :)

Ashley Robbins said...

jane, i really don't like the new place. (but that might be b/c i'm still crying and miserable that you are gone. no biggie that I needed a friend to go to sushi house the other day and couldn't call you...don't worry, i know it's about you...growing)...jk to all of the above. i love you!