In the eye of a hurricane

It's really happening.

The walls are getting bare,
The garage sale pile is getting bigger,
And the boxes are stacking up.
One week from today I'll put the last load in Roxie and hit the road north to Des Moines for good. I kind of can't believe that it's really happening. I had lunch with my good friend Cynthia last week and she was asking me about my move and how I'm feeling. I told her that I've started to feel like I'm living in the eye of a hurricane. The hurricane is named Emotion and it's moving at hundreds of miles per hour. And the forecast shows that it's not passing anytime soon. The winds are full of sadness, excitement, hope, fear. But at the center, in the eye of the hurricane, it's quiet and calm. The eye is where I know that this move is right and that God has called me to it. So there I have to choose to stay. The winds may change directions and some will blow harder than others at times. But the center will stay calm and full of God's peace.

So, I keep taping boxes shut. I'll load the U-Haul and drive north. And I know, I expect, all of these emotions to hit me like a ton of bricks. But it's ok. Change brings hope and promise of new challenges. So bring it on God. I can't wait to see what you've got in store.

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