week in review

1. I got my tax refund this week. KA-Ching! Thank you US government. The only plans I have to spend any of it are on a new iPhone. And honestly I'll probably hit up the mall.

2. My dear friend Joey has recently gotten engaged. She asked me to be a bridesmaid and I can't wait to stand beside her. She is letting us pick out the style of dress we want to wear. I'm going back and forth between these two. It will be in black. What do you think?

This one has pockets which I love.
This one strap is fun - different and interesting.

3. Spring is really making me want to have flowers around all the time. My sister had ranunculus in her wedding bouquets and I fell in love with them. They've been a favorite flower of mine ever since.

4. I can always use a little motivation.

5. The UHaul has come and gone. As you know from previous posts I spent all week packing up the house. My parents came down yesterday to (so graciously) take all of my stuff to Des Moines. My wonderful friends Bart, Will, and Austin lended their muscles and we had the truck packed in about an hour! And a huge thank you to Jill, Jenise, Travis and Mike for helping unload on the Des Moines end. What I've learned? I have A LOT of stuff!

6. I painted a few last minute mats this week before everything got packed up. I have a feeling it will be a while before all of this gets unpacked and I'm able to do more projects so it was fun to do a few this week. I made this mat for my Aunt Jane's dogs. I love the way it turned out. Hope you like it Kirby and Franklin!

7. This was my last week with the Makuch family. Nannying for them has honestly been such a blessing this year. I fell in love with their family and really enjoyed being with them everyday. It was really hard to say goodbye. I will miss them all so much!

The kids (minus 1) and I
Angie Ann (the mom) and I. Thanks for being a great friend and "boss"! :) I truly will miss being part of your chaotic life!

8. Just stumbled onto this pic. Makes me want to sleep and be swept away into a wonderful dream.

9. I learned how to g-chat this week thanks to my friend Joey. I posted this new-found knowledge on facebook not knowing the hilarious commentary (and 3 marriage proposals) that would follow. If you want to read it click on my facebook profile.

10. Happy Easter! He is risen indeed! I went to church this morning and then spent the afternoon at the Sparks' house. The kids had an Easter Egg hunt outside and we ate a delicious brunch. Thanks Collin and Rachel for letting me spend the day with you!
I wish I had found this earlier because I would love to have planted this. Adorable!
Look how beautiful these tulips are!

This time next week I will be living in Iowa. Yikes! :)


Ashley Robbins said...

i have never laughed so hard reading the facebook deal...jane, that is hysterical! i have gmail so let's gchat...i'll get on right now to see if you are are on.

Jane said...

So proud of you jane! I know this was a big decision and very hard to make. I have been thinking of you and saying a few prayers too!