Introducing The Sparks' to the blogosphere

My dear friend Rachel FINALLY started blogging. Yay! There are so many reasons that you need to follow her blog, but I'll just point out the top two right now.

#1 She and her family are some of my favorite people in the world. They are so loving, so supportive, so adorable, and so much fun. They lived just down the street from me in Branson and I miss them terribly. Thanks, Rach for making a blog so I can see your faces often!
#2 Rachel is super crafty (another reason she's a great friend) and she's selling her stuff on her blog. These reversible headbands are so gorgeous and they are really comfortable. You can easily wear these all day. She has lots of different fabrics available and is willing to do custom work too. She has a few other styles of headbands and some adorable tshirts for sale as well.
So, go check it out for yourself!


Sarah W. said...

Thanks, Jane. I am going to get one!
I enjoy reading your blog! I do it via Google Reader, so I am not great about comments!
But I will work on that!
This is Sarah (corbett).

Rachel Sparks said...

Jane, you are amazing! Thank you so much for featuring my blog on your blog! The blogging world is so fun! I feel like I am already addicted. I even got an order already from someone that found my blog from your blog. I miss you tons! Hope that you are having a good week. Love you friend!