My Heart is Full

I headed down to Griffin, Georgia for Memorial Day Weekend to visit my very dear friends, The Galloway's. It was much needed time together. Friday night I had a disastrous time getting there. My flight ended up being delayed almost 4 hours. Thanks to the Boney's for being so patient and waiting for me at the airport! Once we finally arrived at the house, I snuck in and kissed a sleeping Rylie before falling into bed and talking way too late with Katie. Saturday morning I came downstairs and was greeted by a running hug (those are the best kind!) from Ry. We spent the day walking, talking, swimming, eating, and just enjoying being together.

Rylie and I lounging by the pool.
Saturday night we headed up to Atlanta to see the Braves game. We brought our tamohaks to cheer them on!
We had great seats on the upper deck behind home plate. They turned out to be perfect seats when it started raining in the last inning. Luckily the rain only lasted a little while and we got to see the end of the game before racing to the car to beat the next storm.
Grayson was pooped after all the excitement.
Sunday we went to church, made a big lunch, walked and talked some more and celebrated Sara's birthday. Thanks Galloway's for letting me be part of your family celebration!

Katie, Rylie and I this morning before I left.
Quinn (Katie's nephew and Rylie's best buddy) wanted to get in the pics too. Quinn is a baseball whiz - he taught me everything I needed to know about the Braves this weekend. I would have been lost without him! :) I love you guys and miss you already! Even though I'm missing kamp this summer, I'm really enjoying being able to take trips like this. Can't wait for the next one!


Brandy said...

Dearest Jane! This blog made me so happy for you! It looks like yall had a blast! You are just glowing! I sure will miss you this summer! Love you sweet friend.

dawn said...

So glad you posted these pictures. I have missed those sweet faces.

Jennifer said...

I love your blog and I love these pictures and I love that you went to see Katie and Rylie. Thanks for sharing.