Outer Space - A Pity Party

I feel like my friends live in outer space and I never know if and when a phone call will come and how long it will last. Kamp has started for the summer and this is the first summer in 9 years that I haven't been there. Now that the kampers have arrived I never know when I'm going to have a chance to talk to my friends. My phone rings flashing a 417 number I know all too well, I pick up quickly in rushed excitement and we launch into stories of kamp chaos, life outside of kamp, and too many "aww, i miss you's" in between. Right in the middle of a story I really want to talk about with one of my best friends, someone opens that creeky office door to say K-Life just let out it's "I gotta go". Click. I get it, I've been there a hundred times before. But being on this side of the sucks.

That's my pity party for tonight. I miss kamp....well mainly my friends...I don't miss ants in my water bottle and bugs in my hair.

for nostalgia's sake:

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jennaferwhite said...

ditto. ditto. ditto.