Make new friends...

I can't help but hear my old Girl Scout song in my head today, "Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other's gold." {I'm aware that I'm a dork, just go with it} After my little pity party the other night God, in his greatness & care for my life, provided some new friends for me! Last night I had dinner with 3 girls who I met through work and a mutual friend. All 4 of us are single, go to the same church, and are in need of some friendship and connection in our lives. We went to this cute little restaurant in Beaverdale and sat on their rooftop patio. We ended up eating, talking, and laughing (I think I had tears at one point) for 3.5 hours! Suddenly we realized the waitress was closing down the patio, so we took the hint and called it a night. It was so great to connect with new people. I'm looking forward to getting to know them better and finally having someone to sit with at church on Sunday! :)

**It really does bother me when I write a post without pictures. It's just not as much fun. So click here for cuteness via the Finnster. You're welcome.


dawn said...

I was never a girl scout but I believe the words of that song. I also know that the Lord knows how valuable your friends are to you and he will not forget you in this time of newness and transition.

- Christina said...

I agree- I am thanking God for new friendships and for a great (and HI-larious) night last week! PS I may or may not have called you at work on Friday to get your cell phone number but you had left for the day. Little bit of stalking, no big deal :)