Sew a needle pulling thread!

Today I finally got my sewing machine set up and worked on some projects I've been saving for a while. 

First I tried out the Twenty Minute Tote I found on The Purl Bee (a fav blog of mine). 

I only bought enough cotton webbing for two bags so that was all I did today, but I'm definitely going back to get more.  These are going to become my new reusable shopping bags.  The first one probably took me more like 30 minutes but the second went really quick once I had the hang of the pattern.  Super easy.

Next was the Gathered Clutch.  This pattern was more intimidating for me because I've never done zippers or gathering before.  If the tutorial didn't have photos and real person instructions I probably would have given up half way through.  But I did it!  It's definitely not perfect, if you look closely you can tell, but I love it.  And it only used a tiny bit of fabric.  I didn't make any inside pockets on this one, but now that I know I can do this I'm going to make another one with them. 
I love to sew!


Ashley Robbins said...

ok...i miss you. this post for some reason just made my heart ache b/c I miss you. love you and prayed for you today!!

Jane said...

i want one of those bags! so cute!