Sew, I made some more clutches this weekend.  I can't sell these because the pattern belongs to someone else so these are all going as gifts.  I'll try to come up with my own twist on this pattern so I can put them in the shop

Anne - this one is in the mail to you!  Simple & super cute.  I love the fabric on the center strip.  This was my last bit of it and I was sad to use it all up.  Might have to go back to the fabric store and try to find it again. 

Kelli - for you!  I thought the red was appropriate for you, my red-headed friend from Oklahoma! :) This is my favorite one so far.  I love these fabrics together.  Initially I used the turquoise zipper because it was all I had left and I was too lazy to go back to the fabric store.  But I think it turned out to be the perfect match.  You can't really tell in these pics but I used turquoise thread to tie it in.  Love!

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