I'm finally back. I feel like I've been out of town for a long time!  I had a great 4th of July weekend in Branson. Unfortunately I took zero pictures.  So you'll just have to trust me that it was awesome.  I hung out at K-Kountry, stayed at my old house, sat at the pool, and most importantly caught up with friends.  It was so good to be with everyone for a few days.

I was home for three days then left again for Michigan.  My whole family was there for 5 days. It was such a great time!  We basically sat on the beach, ate, spoiled Finn, and then did it all over again.  Since Finn was around we all suddenly turned into the paparazzi.  Here are lots of great pics!

The Knutsen/Harrison girls.  We have spent every summer at the lake together since we were about 5.  It has been a few years since all 4 of us were there at the same time.  It was so fun to have a few days together again.

And it didn't take long for us to turn into kids again...

We have decided to change his name to "Prince Finn".  I mean, seriously. Spoiled much?

The Jane Club. Three generations of Jane's. Still waiting for my sisters to have girls so I can get my Jane...ah-hem, ah-hem!

Cute or cutest?

One of about 5 times we went out for ice cream.

You'll probaby see this one again on my parent's Christmas Card this year. Aunt Carol was jumping around like a crazy lady trying to make Finn smile. It worked on all of us but the munchie is thinking "what is that lady doing?!".

Fun with Grandma

Oh hey, what's up ladies?

Wishing I was still at the beach...


Heidi said...

So bummed I didn't see you when you were in town!! LOVE the dress, so cute!! Looks like you had a great time, miss you!

AngelaJennings said...

what a pretty family. Munchie is getting BIG. I love his skull shorts.