hola. long time, no see little blog world.  well, to this blog anyway. i'm constantly reading (read: stalking) other blogs.

i've been getting much better acquainted with my sewing machine the past few weeks.  i bought a new table cloth at target a few weeks ago.  it was just a little too big for my table, so i hemmed it to fit and made napkins out of the extra fabric.  having fabric napkins at your table is so much nicer (and greener) than using paper every time.  i just throw them in the wash every week with my laundry.  plus, it's a great excuse to use some adorable napkin rings a friend gave me a few years ago.  no longer for special occasions only!

last night i made another clutch for a friend's birthday present.  it turned out really cute (sorry for the lack of picture), but as i was sewing the last seam i got a little too anxious, went over the zipper cover which was too thick for my zipper foot and broke my needle. ugh! at least i was done with the clutch when it happened.  so, to the fabric store i go tonight to get a new needle.

here are a few projects i've got my eye on:

pajama pants (in liberty of london fabric). i've never sewn a garment before and i think this will be a great first one for me. everyone can use a new pair of pj's from time to time.

I got this book for Christmas from my mom and it's time to finally dig in to a pattern and make one.  And then I'll probably bake some goodies for an excuse to wear my new apron.  Anyone want to come over for cookies?

that's all i've got folks. i'm hitting the road (well, really the air) this weekend and again next week for some great 4th of july celebrations.  included will be all the glitz & glam of branson mo,  the beaches of crystal lake & lake michigan, and the finnster.  go ahead and be jealous.

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Anna Sue Moss said...

love it! You are so talented! Show us more pics of your finished projects. Love you and have so much fun on your travels.