Sarah & Brad are getting married...

...and I made the ceremony programs!  I had so much fun doing these for them.  Sarah and I have been friends for a few years and I have the honor of reading scripture in their wedding.  She was trying to make all her programs while working at kamp this summer.  Obviously she was crazy to think that would happen without her tearing her hair out, so I volunteered to do it for her! 

I started with printing the inside of the program.  did you know office max does printing and it's really cheap?  I dropped it off after work one night and it was done before they closed.  Way to go Office Max.  I officially recommend your printing services.

For the outside of the program Sarah picked this pretty green paper.  I cut & folded them down to 6x6 squares.

Next I printed this decorative slip with their names & location/date of the wedding.  These I just printed on my computer at home on ivory scrapbook paper in a green ink that matched the green paper.

Stuffed and ready for the last step.


One quick zip through the sewing machine (zig zag stitch) to bind everything together.


All ready for the big day!  Congratulations Sarah & Brad!


Ashley Robbins said...

why are you the best thing since sliced bread! you amaze me! They look so good jane!!!

p.s. don't worry i know you just blogged 22 minutes ago and i'm already replying...i'm not a stalker or anything :)

dawn said...


Jennifer Jenness said...

You need to open a boutique. Sarah must LOVE these. They are so cute!
Missed you so much at kamp, but had a great time.