fun new artwork

I found this tutorial on Kara Paslay Designs Blog and thought it would be so cute in our living room.  She did her's with magazine paper, but I chose to do it with fabric.  I found these three fabrics that I just loved together.  It was pretty simple.

First cut all the letters out of the fabric.  I made the letters of "Love" a little larger since you are supposed to read them twice.  Make sense?  I laid it out on a piece of solid olive green fabric and attached the letters with the hot glue gun.  Seriously easy.

I went scrounging in my parents storage closet through all the old frames my mom didn't want any more and found a great solid black frame.  I took out the poster that was in there & the glass and used the cardboard backing that was behind the poster as the base for the fabric.  I "mod-podged" tissue paper squares around the edge to create a border.

Hot glued it onto the cardboard and put it in the frame.


Cheapest piece of art I've ever had on my walls!  And possibly one of my favorites. 

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Anne said...

I love it! It looks so good on that wall. I need a big one like that for Finn's room....maybe I'll try making one?? Yikes. xoxo