Splat Mats

I got two orders for super cute girly splat mats this week.  I love making stuff for little girls, pinks are so much prettier than blues.  :)

This one is on it's way to Chicago for a baby shower gift.  Can't wait to hear how the mom likes it!

Sweet Lyla, you are the lucky girl who gets my most favorite splat mat I've ever made.  The buyer picked these colors and design and I'm definitely going to use them again.  It's like a big watermelon!

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Ashley Robbins said...

love the mats...that's just a side note to this comment: when I am missing my friend, you, I just bebop on over to your blog. so right now, aug 10th, i'm missing my friend! i feel as if i need to catch up on anything "new" in your life...ahem! (you better post this even though you can choose to reject or publish!) :) Catch up phone call soon...after august 12...