What? You're 5?!

Rylie Deane - there is no way that you are 5 years old today.  It's just too crazy.  Did you know that I was there the day you were born?  You are a very special little girl and I love you so much.  Here's a look back at us through the years.

(I know I have a picture of us just days after you were born but I can't find it anywhere!  Kelley S. - I think you took it.  If you have it still, can you send it to me?:))

When you were 1.  What a cute baby!

Now you're 2!  This might be one of my favorite pictures of us.  My mommy made that dress for you and you sure loved to wear it!

Eating sprinkle donuts on the way to cut down our Christmas trees when you were 3!

This is last summer at your 4th birthday party. 

I'm sorry I can't be at your Ariel birthday party today to celebrate you turning 5.  But I'll see you next week and we will take a picture together to add to this collection.  Love you Ry!

p.s. did you know you were the first person to call me nay-nay? it's my favorite nick-name. :)


Sara said...

I have loved reading the posts from the last two days. You are a great friend.

Anna Sue Moss said...

Hey Jane! Such great posts. Can't believe that little lady is already 5! What a cutie! Love you friend!