one yard wonders

My mom and I got to go to Minneapolis this weekend and visit my sister.  It was such a great little getaway.  My mom went up Wednesday and I came up Thursday after work.  Friday morning we buzzed up to Stillwater, a super cute little town about 30 mins north of Minneapolis.  Downtown Stillwater is full of unique little shops and local restaurants.  We walked, shopped, and ate lunch at a diner.  I kept saying I felt like we were in a movie.  We went to a knitting and fabric store that I fell in love with.  I could have stayed there all day but Amy was starting to fall asleep while mom and I browsed fabrics and patterns.  I did pick up this great book, One-Yard Wonders.  These are the perfect projects for me to continue to teach myself how to sew.

Mom headed home Friday afternoon because she and my dad were going to the Iowa game Saturday. (Way to go Hawks!!) Amy and I went out for dinner with some of her girlfriends.  We had the absolute worst service experience I think I've ever had, but at least the company was good!  Saturday morning we convinced Amy's boyfriend Aaron to get up early and go to breakfast with us.  Then Amy and I headed out to the apple farm.  It was the perfect fall day!  We drank hot apple cider, ate fresh kettle corn, and bought some apples and other goodies to bring home.  Thanks, sister for a fun weekend!!

Today I couldn't wait to start a project from my new book!  I decided to start with a sewing machine cover.  I bought this adorable fabric that matches my living room just perfectly.

Sewing machine before. Boring.

And after. Pretty!

Next up, a yoga mat bag for Amy's bday!  Sorry, no surprise here.  The only way I could keep her in that fabric store very long was to let her pick out something I would make for her.  :)


Ashley Robbins said...

with each of your new projects you insert a huge arrow into my heart of jealousy. thanks for making me stumble...haha! love you!

Rachel Sparks said...

So cute Jane! Wish I was there to sew with you! I have thought of you so much the last few weeks. I am missing you tons!