new projects around the house

it's no secret that i'm a home-body.  and there's nothing i love more than making cute things to make my home feel more like my own.  i've been in a major "nesting" mood this weekend.  yesterday after a quick target run to print pictures for the frames that have been begging to be updated, my new roommate (shout out to Christina - welcome!) said, "you're really getting things done today!".  i painted some mats that were ordered from my shop this week, updated the frames, hemmed my new jeans, and made a coat rack for the back hall!  now that's a good saturday.  I also recently made a wreath for our door.  I've been seeing lots of these yarn wreaths on etsy.  they are going for like $30-40...I made my own for closer to $10. 

it's just a styrofoam wreath form wrapped in grey yarn.   i made some felt flowers and stuck them in using some decorative picks i found in the jewelry section at michaels.

here's the coat rack i made yesterday.  i have been eyeing one on etsy but it was $65 and i just couldn't bring myself to spend that!  it's so simple...all i did was buy a piece of plywood (they sell these pre-cut at lowes for like $4), cut out a stencil, painted it with acrylic paints and put one light coat of polyurethane on it to give it a more finished look.

close up of the design:

this yellow/grey is my new favorite color combo.

i got 4 double clothes hooks in silver. 

called up my handy dad to come over and install it and voila!

come on over and hang up your coat!

well, off to finish up the mats and hopefully have another productive day! i'll post pics of the mats maybe later tonight.  i've done a few splat mats in the last couple weeks that i really like. 


katie Hurst said...

will you make the oak ridge girls a wreath like that... i love it... oh how i wish that i still had you around my crafty friend

emily said...

i LOVE both projects... now that I am home on maternity leave... I just may have to copy your ideas...
miss you janie!


Ashley Robbins said...

seriously...need that coat rack at my house. I think i'm going to steal...if I ever actually get around to the craft and not just having all the supplies for it.