fall, beautiful fall

oh, how i love the fall.  it never loses it's place as my favorite season of the year.  i love the crispness of the air, the delicious treats, the sounds of crunchy leaves, the colors...i could go on and on.  thought i'd share some pretty fall things with you that i'm loving right now.

These apple pie marshmallows. Are you kidding?  I should not buy them because I would just eat them all...and then try to buy more.

this little owl garland would look so cute somewhere in my house.  why are owls so cute when they are cartoony? they are NOT cute in real life.

If I had these cards I would write you a letter on them. 

This print says it perfectly I think.
Why are there so many cute things for little girls like this hat?  I hope I have one someday because I will buy her and make her LOTS of cute things.

Don't you want to crack your window open and snuggle under a blanket to read a great  book? Well, I do.

This banner is a little cheesy for my taste, but I love the phrase "Gather Together". I recently heard someone say that you may regret a lot of things you do in your life, but you'll never regret spending time with people you love.

Last, but certainly not least, my new fall favorite tunes.  Mumford and Sons.  Get it, turn it on, hit repeat and listen to your heart's delight.  Timshel is my favorite song right now.  Or maybe Awake My Soul.  They're all so good!  I'm serious - go get it right now.

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