the mclaughlin's

the long anticipated brett & joey wedding weekend finally arrived!  i headed to OKC last friday on a quick flight from KC thanks to southwest and katie, ang & kara picked me up from the airport.  we grabbed some lunch and got settled in at our hotel.  the amount of people that came from all over the country for this wedding is a true testament to the kind of friends brett & joey are.  i think we had a total of at least 20 rooms at the hotel! 

we headed to the church and got our rehearsing on.  stand in your place, recessional, processional, do it all again....i got it. not my first trip down the aisle as a bridesmaid, people.  :)  the mclaughlin's had a delicious and fun rehearsal dinner for us afterward. 

me, ang, joey, rylie, katie & katie at dinner.  i have some really beautiful friends!


holding the newest sparks, beckett.  love at first sight!  if he looks small it's because he is ONE week old!  collin and ella were both in the wedding, but rachel didn't want to miss out on the fun and she is AMAZING so she made the trip with a brand new baby.  so thankful they came!

rylie made a bottle cap necklace for joey with a "B" on it for "Brett" to wear at her wedding.  adorable!

After the rehearsal dinner we had a little shower for joey.  someone gave her this apron and i took pics because i really want to make one!  it's just a terry cloth dishtowel with a band sewn on.  she had it monogrammed with joey's new initials.  can't be that hard, right?

kara and i at the shower

we got as much sleep as we could friday night knowing we would have a big day ahead of us.  saturday afternoon joey's aunt and cousin had an amazing bridal luncheon for us in downtown OKC.  it was SWANKY!  and we took lots of pics. :) you girls.  besties. 

rachel, me and katie

joey with her flower girls, ella and rylie.  joey gave all of us vera bradley bags as gifts (thanks jo!!).  the little girls got lunch bags and they were so excited.  they will be the best accessorized girls at preschool and kindergarten.

after lunch it was time to get ready for the big night!  i wish i had more pics from the ceremony/reception.  hoping i can snag some from other people and the photographer once they are posted online.  here are a few for now.

kelli & i at the reception. 

with the beautiful bride!

there they are! mr. and mrs. mclaughlin

joey and rylie

sunday those of us that were still around went to brunch and then had to say some goodbyes.  it goes without saying that i was a tearful mess.  why can't all the people i love live in the same place?

some of us stuck around until Monday to enjoy the weekend. we rested, ate good food, just enjoyed time together, and visited the OKC National Memorial.  Here's some pics of the memorial.  it's pretty amazing.

thanks brett & joey for such an amazing weekend.  it was a joy and honor to stand beside you as you committed your lives to each other.  can't wait to see what great adventures God takes you on now as husband and wife.

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