New mats

The mat factory has been in full swing the last few weeks.  It's been so fun to make some mats for people for Christmas gifts.  I hope they get some squeals on Christmas morning when they are ripped open! :)

I love when I get to make things for my friends.  Thecia ordered this mat for her puppies Sadie and Sally.  

Another one for a friend.  Shalako ordered this one for her sweet niece for Christmas.  

This one is for a mom who found me on etsy and was in desperate need of a splat mat.  I love the sayings she came up with.  She said her daughter has started feeding more of her food to the dog than to herself.  If nothing else, her dog can lick the mat clean after each meal! :)

I hope everyone loves their mats!  Back to the craft room - still a few more orders to finish up before Christmas.  Be back with pics of those soon. 

Hope you're staying warm.  This morning it was 1 degrees in Des Moines with the wind chill.  Ugh...counting down the days until Spring already.

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