Some new blogs for you

I thought I'd share a few of the new blogs I've been following.  I added them to the list on the right as well.

1. Catalog Living - You will never look at Pottery Barn the same way again.  Gary & Elaine crack me up everyday and make me wonder why I never thought catalog pictures were odd before now.

2. Grosgrain - A great craft and sewing blog.  This month she is doing 25 embellished sweaters.  If you find me cutting up all my old cardigans you'll know who to blame.

3. One Clock Shy of Quentin - My friend Jamie sharing his thoughts and perspective on faith, life, and whatever else comes along.  He's new to the blogging world, so go on over and make him feel welcome.

4. Today's Letters - A hilarious couple from Texas who writes letters to each other every day.  Two fist pumps and a leg kick for team Loerke. 

You're going to want to book mark these.  Enjoy!

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