Christmas Packaging

Every year I love to wrap my Christmas presents with a unique, and hand made theme.  Most years I have lots of ideas and it's hard to finally pick one.  This year for some reason I was stumped.  It may have had something to do with the fact that I hadn't bought any of my Christmas presents until last weekend.  Finally I came up with a simple idea I could make pretty quickly and get everyone's presents wrapped. 

I love gifts wrapped in brown craft paper and I already had some of that at home.  So I decided I would make my gift tags.  I found this great flannel in the remnants bin at my fabric store for about $3.  Picked up some green ribbon and used white felt that I had in my scrap bin at home to write the names on.

I made a simple pattern and used heat bond to give them a little stiffness.

Most of my presents will be going in a suitcase and on a plane, so hopefully they don't get too crushed in transit.  At least there's proof here that they started out crisp, clean and super cute.

I love giving gifts and I really love adding a hand made touch to them.  It just makes it more special.  Merry Christmas!

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Ashley Robbins said...

i have been waiting for this post...i have been so curious what you were going to do this year? does that last comment make me a bit of a stalker!?