Necklace Frame

For months now my necklaces have been hanging on two little plastic hooks on the back of my closet door.  Every time I open and close the door they bang around and drive me crazy!  Finally, I got around to making this fabric covered frame to hang them on. 

It was so easy to make.  I just took an old frame I had laying around, took out the glass and backing.  I sanded the frame and painted it white.  It was a dark brown stain before so when I painted it, so I just did one quick coat so that some of the brown showed through.  An easy way to make it look distressed.

I barely had enough of this fabric left for this project.  It was a euro sham that I bought at Crate and Barrel years ago.  I really wanted two of them for my bed, but they only had one.  So I bought it and covered a smaller pillow, a small bench and now the frame. 

At Michaels I found a piece of corkboard that was the exact size of the frame (score!).  I actually hot glued the fabric to the cork.  Usually I would have stapled it to the back, but my fabric barely stretched over the edges of the cork so I had to go with glue this time. 

I used some decorative tacks I had from a previous project to hang the necklaces on.  I love how it turned out.  And I'm so glad not to have my necklaces hanging on the back of my closet door anymore!

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merebear said...

i'm excited to see you've made one too! i've had all my supplies sitting in the corner of my room waiting for a day where i can be crafty...goal: this wednesday! better hold me accountable to that! : )