under construction

sorry things look a little crazy over here.  i was feeling like my blog needed some color and just a general freshening up!  I'm still perfecting it, so please be patient with me if you notice random things changing over the next couple of days.

p.s. do you like it so far?

p.p.s. i'm feeling very proud of myself that i edited the html code and learned how to make the headers in a cool font.  just needed to tell you that. :)


Amy Henrichs said...

Love it!! You make me want to blog, craft, and most important ... have a better relationship with God!!! Thanks!

Ashley Robbins said...

love it friend. got your email...will call you soon to help with your question. love you!

Ashley Robbins said... figured it i am the one that needs help? how did you do the cool fonts??