lunch bag

did i ever show you the lunch bag i made for my roomie jill as a christmas present?  i meant to post it after i gave it to her, but i'm pretty sure i forgot.  better late than never!

jillsie takes her lunch to work every day.  the wells fargo wagon kindly provided her their own lunch bag, but it's just plain ugly.  i couldn't bear her carrying that thing every day.


One - Yard Wonders to the rescue!

I found fabric that was already quilted and had batting.  Score!

This was the first time I had worked with bias tape and I had to enlist the help of my mom towards the end.  We both decided the pattern was written a little backwards.  I should have sewn the bias tape on before sewing the bag together.  Now I know.

The back has a cute little pocket.  You know, for your napkin and plastic spork.

I love the reverse pattern on the inside.  These colors/pattern just screamed jill to me. 

welp, there you have it.  i'm pretty sure she's the talk of the breakroom.


Lindsay said...

Love this. I want one. But more than that, I want your crazy crafting abilities! Gah....jealous!!

Jill the Thrill said...

It's true. The lunch bag was/is a big hit around the wagon. People are jealous of me. I just tell them to deal with it.