headband holder

My friend Hayley has three little girls under the age of 2.  As you can imagine her house is busting at the seams with girly girl accessories!  She asked me to help her take control of all the headbands and hairbows.  

The supplies: A paper towel holder ($5 at TJ Maxx), roll of paper towels, 1/4 yard of fabric, ribbon, and a can of spray paint.

First, I spray painted the paper towel holder.  Then made a "tube" out of the fabric and slid it over the paper towel roll.  I sewed in elastic on the two ends so it would fit tight but still slide onto the holder easily.

The headbands just slide right on!

Next we had to tackle the hair clips and bows.  Hayley already had this great rose hanger with three hooks on their wall.  I took strips of aqua and white polka dot fabric and just tied them to the hooks with a knot at the top and a knot at the bottom.  Just clip on the hair clips and ta-da!

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