happy birthday to me

wednesday, april 6, 1983, 8:28 pm

jane elizabeth harrison

on the back of this polaroid it says "1 hour old".  my mom looks pretty much the same today as she does in this picture (except for the sweet 80s hairdo).  i hope i got those good aging genes!

dad rocking the 80s stache...

here's to 28...hoping it's the greatest year yet! 

happy birthday to me. :)


emily said...

Oh sweet Jane! Happy birthday friend!

The Sawyer Family said...

28 is a GREAT year!! You deserve blessings upon blessings! thanks for sharing these sweet pics! love them!!

Have a blast at the beach next week - I've been "twitter stalking" you and am jealous!!

Lindsay said...

happy birthday, jane! kicking off the 220 bdays in usual. :)

Amy said...

Such cute pictures! Love it! And Dad's stache is awesome!

Anne said...

omg those pics are great. LOVE dad's stache!

Bronwyn said...

Happy Birthday Jane! You are a delight!