San Diego Trip

Last weekend we had a great family trip (missing amy :( ) to San Diego to visit my sister, brother in law and nephew. 

My Aunt, Uncle and cousin came too but everybody had different travel schedules, so for the first few days it was a house full of Mollys and Janes.

Cousin Molly, Mom (Molly), Me and Aunt Jane.  Yes - my mom and her sister named their daughters after each other.

I quickly discovered how to keep Finn cuddled close to my side - my iphone.  He somehow talked me in to downloading an entire folder of games that play obnoxious songs and animal noises.  I think it has something to do with that cute smile and when he calls me "nay nay". 

The first morning we walked to breakfast down the block.  Finn brought his skateboard along.  He mostly likes to carry it.  Adorable.

We walked along the water and hit the shops in LaJolla.

Mini organic cupcakes - only in california.

 We went to Sea World one day.  Finn was digging the dolphin show. 

Sea World has a kids area that is all Sesame Street stuff.  Finn loves it!  Molly and I took him on the Tea Cups ride.  I was about to throw up, but he was gripping my leg and smiling from ear to ear!

Grandma waited in the long line so that Finn could meet Elmo and Abby.  He talked about it for days after!

 Anne and I

Finn loved to turn on the heartbeat setting on the sound machine.  He would turn it on and say "heart!".

Finn, my Dad aka Bapa and I hiking along the water.

I had to leave Tuesday night to get back to work.  I think Finn was trying to find a way into my suitcase so he could come back with me.  I would have gladly taken him!

It was such a great trip!  Can't wait to go back - hopefully soon!

p.s. can you say addicted!

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