a hand written note

i have this box of letters and pictures that has been in my closet for years.  i stick birthday cards, thank you cards, wedding invitations, pictures, etc in there every so often.  every time i move i put it back in my closet and don't give it too much thought.  tonight i started to put it away again but decided to go through it first.  as i opened envelope after envelope i found birthday cards, college graduation cards, wedding invitations, cards asking me to be a bridesmaid, thank you cards, and more.  i had notes in there all the way back to 2003.  as i kept reading note after note said "thanks for your letter".  i was reminded how often i used to write handwritten letters and cards.  i love email, facebook and twitter for keeping in touch with my friends and family but i miss writing a letter and getting one back in the mail.  so, i just might write some letters this week.  just for fun.  just to say hi. 

being careful not to become a hoarder in any area of my life, i did clean out and throw away a good amount of the cards. :)  but there were many that i just couldn't part with.  so many heartfelt notes from friends, funny birthday cards, "far side" cards from my grandma, my sister's card asking me to be her bridesmaid, kamp letters, and even a few college party invitations (SHOUT OUT to the 220 Girls - Holiday Feast anyone?).

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