more pics

i'm finally home and have a minute to blog.  are you ready to see lots of pics of sophia?


finn putting on sophia's hat...over her entire face. :)

now they are buddies.

the key to finn's heart? iphone games

the first time i held sophia. she is the sweetest.

"what's up dudes?!"

all the girls

i made sophia this little onesie with her birthdate. presh.

i could seriously hold her forever. what is it about newborn babies that is just so snuggly and cuddly??

afternoon snack time for the finnster.

he has moments where he just loves on sophia.  here he is brushing her hair.

momma and sophia. 

kisses. i think she is going to learn quickly how to be tough having a big brother.

i mean, seriously?? love

grandma and sophia

ok i'll stop with the baby pics...onto the next exciting story!

so, for the past few weeks the whole family has been in on the surprise that aaron was flying out to san diego to surprise amy with a proposal.  i must say, we pulled it off perfectly.  she had NO idea!  friday morning mom, amy and i went to hang out with anne and sophia, while dad had a "conference call" - aka picking up aaron from the airport. we waited for a text from dad telling us that aaron was in place, then left anne & sophia to nap.  mom and i told amy we were going to go on a walk then meet dad for lunch in la jolla.  the whole drive up there mom and i were so nervous and amy was just chatting away. finally we parked and got out to head on our "walk".  i had spotted aaron as we drove by so i lead amy to walk that way.  when we got to the edge of this big lawn area where he was standing she suddenly stopped dead in her tracks and said to me "is that aaron?". i said "i don't know..." and turned and ran away! HA!  she stood there shocked for a minute then she and aaron walked down near the beach where he proposed.  mom, dad and i waited not so patiently for them to come back up.  they finally did and we all hugged and checked out the bling!

she was a little overwhelmed. :)

that night we had a little party to celebrate them.

soon to be mrs. kline!

we ordered some delicious cupcakes with "a & a" on them.  do you notice anything about this picture?  hint: lower left corner.  ha! i think we kind of forgot that sophia was there because she seriously sleeps all the time and never cries.  perfect baby award goes to her.

one last surprise - aaron's family flew out to celebrate with them too!

woah.  that was a lot.  and now the wedding planning begins!!

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