digging myself out

It's been about a week now that I've let things pile up all over my apartment. Kamp ended last week and I had friends staying with me for a few days so I put off putting away laundry and doing other house chores. Later in the week I hosted a party, had to say goodbye to a great friend who moved away, then got a cold which knocked me out for the weekend. So basically I've been living in a disaster zone. I'm sick of having this cold so I think getting this place cleaned up will help me feel better. Tonight's goal is the dishes. I've already washed as many as will fit in the sink. Before I go to bed I must finish them all!

Tomorrow's goal: the laundry. It's been clean for over a week and is begging to be put away.

I'm flipping between The Hills season premiere (!) and the Olympics right now while munching on dark chocolate covered cherries from Cherry Republic (thanks mom and dad!). I'm sad that swimming is over. I just watched trampoline...interesting that that is an Olympic sport, but it's pretty cool. Those girls can flip!

Ok, back to the dishes. Maybe I'll even get crazy and clean the counters too.


Jill the Thrill said...

Dont do it jane... don't get crazy and clean the counters. All work must be put on hold while the olympics are going on!

plainlyjane said...

I did it Jill. I went totally crazy. Don't worry - I didn't miss any Olympics while I was clorox wiping.