Little Miss Woods comma Elle

Another weekend, another costume party! Ashley, Jennafer, and I got together to watch Legally Blonde the musical so of course we had to dress up in character. Jennafer was Elle, Ashley was Paulette (the hairdresser), and I was Margot (Elle's sorority sister). Jennafer hosted us and went completely over the top. She had playbills from the actual show (which she had seen the weekend before), pink treats, pink punch, a Delta Nu sign and more! Since I'm definitely not a blonde we put Jennafer's blonde extensions in my hair to make me one. It was hilarious! We had so much fun singing along and having a true "girls night"! :)
Paulette, Elle, Margot and our own "Bruiser Woods".


Sarah W. said...

That is the most awesome thing I have seen in a long time.

The Sawyer Family said...

wish I was there- this looks so super fun!!

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