feeling fancy

my dear friend surprised me with an impromptu girl's night tonight complete with ice cream sundaes, diet coke, a chick flick, and a stack of magazines. love it!

i've been doing a little blog-jogging tonight and have found some gorgeous new things. just have to share.

i found this new site that you just have to bookmark! it's this gorgeous website started by two friends - kindred spirits. They have a bunch of free downloads - all gorgeous - you won't be able to decide which one to download first! I made this one my desktop for spring. it makes me want to put on a dress and dance in a field of flowers - people do that, right?

Next up: Say goodbye to my next paycheck! I found this cookbook that I'm trying to stop myself from buying but I don't know how long that's going to last. It just looks too delicious! :)
Tip Junkie is probably the greatest and most dangerous website I have ever found. I'm constantly finding great ideas. Be careful - once you get started on there two hours will have gone by and you won't have noticed! I want to make this fabric egg tree for Easter. How cute is this?!
Ok - back to my chick flick. (My Best Friend's Wedding by the way - one of my all time favs) I may even bust out the nail polish and facial mask here pretty soon. :) Happy Weekend!

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The Sawyer Family said...

wish i was part of your girls night! super super fun! can't wait to check out the new websites... but must start cleaning right now... so maybe tomorrow I'll waste a lot of time :) can't wait!