Wrent band's new CD! A must buy!

I feel so cool to say that not only am I a huge fan of Wrent but also that they are my great friends! I've been able to travel with them a couple of times lately at Afterdark events. They just put out their second album last week and it is AWESOME! You have to buy it!! Go to iTunes and download it, NOW. Not only do they have great music, they do great things too. Half of the profit from their music sales and their merchandise sales goes directly to Cross International which delivers food, shelter, and hope to the poorest of the poor.

Also, go to their website ( to find out when they are playing near you. At their shows they sell the coolest t-shirts! I went to buy one and came out with two because I just couldn't decide! These are the shirts I bought:

If you live around me, I'm sorry in advance that you'll see me wearing these all the time becasue they are totally my new favorite shirts. So, go buy the album and tell everyone you know about it!

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Bronwyn said...

Jane, I miss your blog. Please come back soon. Hee!