I am so obsessed with Skype! Everyone in my family just got webcams (or new macs) and downloaded Skype. We call each other all the time now and talk face to face. Mostly we only care to see and talk to Finn, but its fun to see everyone else too. :) Last night I got to give my Aunt in Florida a tour of my apartment. She would never get to see my place otherwise. I love it! How great is technology?

Wanna skype with me? Add me as a contact: janeharrison2009

Be back soon with more exciting posts. I have been so busy lately with work and traveling. But next week I'm going on vacation to Seaside, Florida with a group of my girl friends! I can not wait to have a week at the beach to just relax and lay in the sun. Spring Break 09, A WOO-HOO!


Missy said...

Janie! I have skype!!! Let's chat! I called you today. Would love to catch up. Miss you a lot and thinking about you. Call me asap friend. love,miss

Ashley Robbins said...

janers, love your new blog banner! woohoo scrapblog!

AngelaJennings said...

this is the most perfect post! I love the part about if that was his girlfriend, or grandaughter. hahahha. Memories to help us keep on keepin on.