Advent Basket Day 11

Day 11 brings the cookies! Yay! Now I officially have all the supplies. I think I'm going to bake them for all of our house guests we are having next week. Kelli, Meredith, and Katelyn - get ready to be spoiled with Christmas goodies. I'm sure you won't have a problem with it. :)
So, today was my first FULL day of having the 6 kids. I have an incredible respect and admiration for these kids' mom. Seriously, today was unlike any day I have ever had. I have babysat a lot (like, really a lot) in my life and even kept kids extended periods of time before. Those have mostly been toddlers and babies, but kids that are in school and extra-curricular activities is a whole different story. Here's a quick run down of our day:

6am wake up
6:30 breakfast for everyone - wake up kids that slept through their alarms
6:45 pack everyone's lunch boxes
7:00 high schooler - you're ride is here!
7:15 in the car
7:30 drop off #1 at Jr. High
7:45 drop off #2 at preschool
7:50 drop off #3 at elementary
8:00 drop off #4 at intermediate
8:15 back to elementary to drop off #5
11:15 back to house to search for band uniform and cell phone we forgot at home
12:00 lunch with adults - thank you for grown up conversation!
1:45 pick up #1
2:00 pick up #2, drop off at violin practice
2:20 deliver forgotten band uniform
2:45 pick up #3 and #4
3:00 back to violin practice
3:30 deliver forgotten cell phone
5:00 pick up from violin
5:30 home - quick! make dinner they are STARVING (they say)
6:45 pick up #5 from band concert (sorry we missed it)
8:00 begin bath, bed time stories, and tuck ins

Now it's 10:42, everyone is asleep and I'm finally sitting down! Whew! Fortunately all 6 of these kids are wonderful, sweet, helpful, and a blast to be with. I am going to head to bed. Tomorrow we are out the door by 8am to spend the day in Springfield - tennis lessons in the morning and afternoon. I promised them Chick-Fil-A and a movie inbetween lessons. I'm hoping they choose to see Fantastic Mr. Fox!

Sleep well - I know I will!

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