Just in case Santa is reading...

Dear Santa,
Just in case you are reading and need some stocking stuffer ideas, I just found these little cuties on etsy.

Even though my sewing machine is broken right now (taking it to the repair man tomorrow), I'm trying to get my sewing room set up. And I don't have a pin cushion (or very many pins for that matter)! Tragic. This etsy shop has some adorable ones in the shapes of different fruits. The shop is called Pinpinn (how cute!).

Another little goodie for my lonely (and bare) iPhone. I have never found a case that I really like but these are adorable and they have a little strap to keep it in the case - handy! Shop: WallabyBagCo
I promise I've been very good this year. :)

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jennaferwhite said...

you always find the cutest stuff!!! :) LOVE these!!!