Anne & Finn in Iowa

Last weekend my sister Anne and nephew Finn came to town. Woo-Hoo! We had a great time just hanging out at home. And of course Finn's paparazzi was out in full force.

Anne and Finn
Finn LOVED my parents cats. He chased them around the house all weekend.
Just reading some books with Grandpa.
Aunt Amy & the munch
Just chattin' with his peeps.
I really wanted him to figure out how to play the harmonica because he loved it when I played. But it didn't really time buddy. (he's doing his Ray Charles impression here)
Playing in our band.
Throwing rocks in the water with Grandma.
I love this picture. I wonder what he's thinking about? And...I'm not really sure why he isn't wearing pants.
Come back soon! And bring Noah next time. Love you guys!!

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Anne said...

He wasn't wearing any pants and he was wearing black socks. Hot!