Christmas in Des Moines & San Diego

We had our first family Christmas celebration in Des Moines.  Amy had to work on Christmas and couldn't go to California with us so she drove down from Minneapolis for the night so we could open presents together.


 All the girls got new bags and scarves.  Yes, I realize how ridiculous we look.

My parents and I headed to San Diego to spend a few days with Noah, Anne, and Finn.  We stayed in a condo right on the bay.  Woke up to this beautiful view every day!

Finn opened one present on Christmas Eve, a "band in a bucket".  It was a huge hit!  He got pretty good at the harmonica.

Here's a quick video of him playing.  He figured it out pretty well!

Finn takes after his Grandpa in his love for pumpkin pie.  He always wanted more!

"Woooaaahhhh" (Finn's new favorite word)

Christmas Eve - I wish I could spend every Christmas Eve on the beach

Reading with my buddy.  This trip solidified Finn calling me "Nay Nay" and I love it!  Anne told me after we left when he kept saying, "why no nay nay? why no bapa? (grandpa)" Awww....miss him already!

A final walk along the water before we headed home.

Mom, Dad and I flew home last night. When we landed in Des Moines it was 12 degrees and there was snow on the ground. Boo!

Now that I'm back home, I have the week off of work and I'm enjoying a few days to myself.  Today I slept in, did laundry, laid around, and only left the house to go to the grocery store.  I'm sure I'll be spending some time crafting this week as well.  I got some new fabric for Christmas and I definitely want to sew a few things. 

Goodbye to Christmas 2010...looking forward to a Happy New Year!

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