so, i lied

i said i was going to keep blogging throughout the summer and i didn't.  things just got busy and i wasn't able to tend to the blog like i thought i would.  anyway, here are a bunch of pics and a little recap of the rest of our summer at k-kountry.

we took a little field trip to the zoo.  ella and braden fed the giraffes.

Katie and Rylie (below with Allen and Kara) came to visit for a week!  Fortunately they got to be here for Ella's 5th birthday.  She had a cowgirl party...

Complete with pony rides!

Ella lost her 1st tooth! BIG milestone.

Two bathing beauties. This is the life, isn't it?

Celebrating the 4th of July

I call this photo "milk drunk".

Brett and Brett (great friends of ours and long time KKountry guys) were in town for a weekend and Katie and I talked them into taking the kids on a canoe trip with us.  Great memories made.

Lots and lots of pool time.

Before the summer was over we had to take some "kidsitter family" photos.  Term 1: Me, Bridget and the kids

Term 2: Me, Hailey and the kids

The whole family :)

It was such a great summer!  Now that it's over it's time to get back to "normal" life. 

A little life update for you: I've decided to stay in Branson.  I can't wait to get settled back in to life here.  Still working on the job search, but things are coming together.  I'm headed to Des Moines this weekend to get all of my stuff.  I've been itching to get my craft supplies back.  Then I promise - more blogging.  For real this time.

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