week in review

today i was inspired by another blog that i read {a beautiful mess}. every sunday she posts 10 things she loves. i think i'm going to post 10 things about my week...and maybe just some things i love as well. we'll see where it goes! so here's the first week in review.

1. last night andy's was giving out FREE ice cream sundaes, so of course we took them up on it!

2. have you seen the show community? it is hilarious! there were 3 or 4 new episodes that i hadn't seen so i've been catching up online.
3. i have been wearing my glasses for the last few days. i am on my last pair of contacts and they are way past due. i don't know why i haven't ordered new ones yet, but i'm doing it tomorrow as soon as my drs office opens! {isn't this baby so freaking cute?!} if only i looked that cute in my glasses...oh well.

4. it's almost valentine's day. i really want to make some cute valentines to send to people but i'm not sure it's going to happen. isn't this one cute?

5. i love aprons. i'm anxious for spring and for some reason aprons feel springy to me! it's one of my goals to learn to make one this spring.

6. i found this website {we heart it}. it's basically a compilation of gorgeous pictures. all the pics are tagged and you can search for anything. most of the pictures on this post are from there. i suggest searching for what you're looking instead of browsing the pages, there are some sketchy photos every once in a while.

7. most mornings this week i've had a cup of tea. confession: sometimes i like the idea of drinking it even more than the actual tea. but, i still love every cup. my fav is chai.

8. i went to see dear john last night. i read the book a few weeks ago. usually when i read the book i don't like the movie as much but this one i did. go see it. and bring kleenex!
9. i've been reading the lion, the witch, and the wardrobe with two of the girls i babysit. friday night mimi wasn't feeling very well and couldn't sleep so i laid down with her a read a chapter. we are at the part when father christmas shows up and the witch's magic starts to weaken. oh, it's so good! i love the way c.s. lewis writes too, he acknowledges the reader which i think is fun for kids.

10. i started reading the help this week. it is so good! i can't put it down.
so there you go. see you back here next sunday for another 'week in review'. :)


jennaferwhite said...

you are so cute-- go to pier one and look at their aprons... you. will. die.

dawn said...

I LOVED the Help. Probably my favorite read of last year. I did not want it to end.